All-American Season
April 1, 2018
Brackets Busted Badly
April 1, 2018

After the Dallas Mavericks suffered one the most embarrassing moments in their 38-year history, Mark Cuban decided to add a new shark to the tank. She is Cynthia Marshall, a former AT&T executive now interim CEO for the Mavs. Marshall is the first black woman in NBA history to hold this position. Since this historic addition happened in February, also known as Black History Month, did Cuban hire her for publicity reasons or is he really trying to bring his basketball franchise back to world-class status?

It’s great to see change in the organization. Now all the Mavs need is players; at press time, Dallas was the third-worst team in the Western Conference. Too many close games resulting in losses, not an effective way to impress Marshall. Of course, the Mavs’ season ended prior to the All-Star break, so it really doesn’t matter. Do you really think the Mavericks are tanking? Honestly, they don’t have the right players to help bring them back to playoff contention. I do feel that Dennis Smith Jr. is the future and can carry the torch once Dirk Nowitzki retires.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Stars’ playoff chances just got slimmer. Out of the wild card spot in the playoffs with several games remaining, the Stars, like the Mavs, are not closing out these important games to move up. The remaining games against the league’s best will determine the Stars’ fate but their guts will help them clinch it for sure.

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